Our staff is known for their deep knowledge, dedication and ability to “play well with others.” In a town where jobs seem to turn over with the seasons, we are proud that our average employee tenure is over ten years.

Andrew Kirsch

Project Manager

A black faceplate with white text and braille

Billy T. Dog


Billy the small black and white dog is on top of a rock, looking down at the camera, blue sky in the background.

Chaim Payne


A black faceplate with an ATM keypad

David Kaufman

System Design Engineer

Dave Kaufman holding a baby while playing the upright bass.

Dylan Roos


A photo of a small black box with green multiport connectors

Emily Roos

System Engineer

Emily is crouched down in front of a BBI workbox, petting Billy the Dog.

Guy Gayle

Warehouse Manager

Headshot of Guy Gayle

Jim Sallee


Torso shot of Jim Sallee on a balcony overlooking the Sydney Harbour with the opera house in the distance.

Julie Wakefield


Julie Thomasson playing drums onstage while singing into a mic

Luna Barkowitz

Hound Engineer

Headshot of Luna, a gold and white husky

Mark Roos (and Sarah)

Founding Principal

Mark and Sarah Roos stand on a beach with a castle in the background, hair blowing in the wind.

Mike Montali

Project Manager

Headshot of Mike Montali outdoors

Nyx Taylor

System Design Engineer

Pete Maiers

System Design Engineer

Torso cartoon of Pete Maiers waving at the viewer

Phil Bailey

Founding Principal

Black and white headshot of Phil Bailey

Richard Shields

Senior Programmer

Indoor headshot of Richard Shields

Sam Wong

Senior Engineer

Sam Wong standing on a bridge next to a waterfall

Sarah Roos (and Mark)


Mark and Sarah Roos stand on a beach with a castle in the background, hair blowing in the wind.

Sasha Harris-Cronin


Headshot of Sasha Harris-Cronin outdoors, smiling

Shelby Johnson


Shelby Johnson from the waist up with a mountain in the background

Sonia Carr

Project Manager

A circuit board with sliders mounted on it.

Steven Ramsey


Cartoon avatar of the head of Steven Ramsey

Wynona Weimarider

Chief Pawperating Officer

Wynona the pitbull, patiently sitting on a rug and wearing a flowered headdress.

Gretchen Kisler

Assistant Project Manager

Illustration of Gretchen Kisler with three thought bubbles. One has a cup of tea, one a circuit board, and one a spreadsheet.

Clark Hatchet

Project Manager

Rossi Roos

Document Shredder

Coco Shields

Nummer Cruncher