BBI offers AV Installation, Consulting, and Product Engineering services.

AV Installation

BBI Installed Systems executes both design-build and build-to-specification projects for facility owners and operators or exhibition designers. Our clients’ projects have ranged from small, single exhibits to multi-million dollar AV systems for museums, visitor centers, theaters and corporate campuses. We specialize in high-end and unique systems. BBI is known for our ability to create electro-mechanical and video-tracking interactive exhibits, program custom software and complex control systems, and design custom sensors and projection mapping systems. On the commercial side, we have created world-class performance halls, multi-window video walls, executive briefing centers and corporate auditoriums and boardrooms with broadcast capabilities. We thrive on challenges and solving unusual problems.

BBI holds California Contractor’s License No. 582743 in the C-7 and C-10 classifications.

AV Consulting

BBI offers system evaluation, system design, and design-build consulting services. We can prepare documents for bid or design to budget in preparation for a build phase. We have long experience coordinating with architects and other trades and can produce the following design and fabrication documents as needed:

  • System Proposals
  • System Budgets
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Infrastructure Spreadsheet and Drawings
  • Power and Heat Loads
  • Functional Diagrams
  • Gantt Charts
  • Projection Geometry Drawings
  • Projection/Speaker Mounting Drawings
  • Rack Elevations
  • Light Plots
  • EASE Acoustical Model

Product Engineering

BBI provides product engineering services specializing in audio DSP and embedded control systems. Our ability to roll our own sensors and electronics also allows us to solve some of the most fun problems in-house.

  • Circuit Design
  • Printed Circuit Layout
  • Audio Measurement (Audio Precision System Two Cascade Plus)
  • DSP algorithm and code development (Xilinx FPGA firmware, microcontroller, Texas Instruments and ARM platforms)
Example Products:
  • Custom embedded loudspeaker controllers
  • Line array loudspeakers and amplifiers for focused audio installations
  • Capacitive touch sensors
  • RFID sensors
  • Dan Dugan automated mixers
  • Controls for pneumatic tube systems
We work closely with the following companies:
  • Community Professional Loudspeaker
  • Dan Dugan
  • Sennheiser
  • Tank Net
  • Pneumatic Tube Products