US Olympic and Paralympic Museum

Exhibit Design: Gallagher and Associates
Media Production: Centre Screen and Kiss the Frog
Fabrication: CREO Industrial Arts
Colorado Springs, CO (2020)

The 60,000-square foot museum was designed to be one of the most accessible and interactive museums in the world. Technologies used include open captions, audio-description tracks, assisted listening, universal keypads, RFID-triggered customizations, accessible exhibit spaces with ramped experiences and more. The experience includes several multi-screen blended projections, LCD and LED video walls (including a multi-story non-rectangular LED wall), and motion tracking interactives. Team USA athletes were involved and consulted throughout the project to achieve our goal of authentic experience and inclusive design. As a result, the Museum is ADA compliant throughout.

Check out Centre Screen’s making-of video here.

Photography by Nic Lehoux, Courtesy of DS+R

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