• Yosemite Visitor Center

Yosemite Visitor Center

2006 – 2008: Yosemite, CA

Introductory Film

Designer: National Park Service, Harpers Ferry

We cannot take credit for some of the most dramatic granite on the planet but somehow a picture of an equipment rack just doesn’t seem right here either.

As Californians, we have been visiting the park all our lives and were honored to work in the park. We built the projection system to show the film “Spirit of Yosemite” in the original visitor center theater. The movie was originally shot in 35mm film and transferred to HD. It is a beautiful film and was quite a challenge to encode and playback, especially 5 years ago when HD was in its infancy.

The 150 seat theater also serves as an auditorium for lectures and presentations by the rangers and invited lecturers.

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