• South Carolina Aquarium - “Intro Theater”
  • South Carolina Aquarium - “Intro Theater”

South Carolina Aquarium – “Intro Theater”

2000: Charleston, SC

3 Screen Projection on Curved Screens with Mullions

Designers: Lyons/Zaremba / Peace River Studios

This is a typical “3 screen with mullions” display. In this case, the projection surface is the inside of a drum shaped room, with a total image width of 23 ft. There are 3 projectors with long lenses to improve screen uniformity. This means that the projector for the left image is actually mounted to the right of the center screen and visa versa.

There are speakers above each screen for the left / center / right channels. Two more speakers are mounted in the rear of the space to provide surround.

This is a very common configuration. We have similar installations at Washington State History Museum, Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center and the National Cowgirl Museum.

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