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Designer: Gyroscope

2005: Honolulu, HI

“Adaptive Radiation” & “Island Formation”

Sliding Monitor Interactive

These 2 exhibits are typical of our “sliding monitor” exhibits. In each exhibit there is a monitor on a sliding track in front of a case or model. By sliding the monitor along the track the visitor explores in detail what is directly behind the monitor in the case.

“Conservation Lab”

Award Winning Interactive Table using RFID & Optical Tracking

This exhibit won an International Design Award. We are very proud to have been part of the team. There were plenty of challenges with ambient light control but we kept working with the team to overcome them.

The specimens can be placed anywhere on the screen and the table will “know” which puck it is and where it is located. Visitors use the specimens to interact with activities on the table. This exhibit asks the visitor questions about what they can observe in their specimen and the visitor answers by placing the puck on the correct circle.

BBI developed software and hardware using RFID sensing and IR imaging to figure out which specimen is on the table and where it is. This is a very exciting technology we are continuing to develop.


Controls for Eruption Effects

The new gallery at the Bishop Museum is dominated by a model volcano. Thanks to BBI’s controls and Creative Machines’ plumbing, it erupts 3 to 4 times an hour in random patterns.

The control system operates 24 pumps and valves in precise timing to create individual blasts. These individual blasts are combined randomly to produce swirling eruptions, bubbling interludes and hourly giant eruptions. Between eruptions, the systems run various housekeeping pumps to keep the fluids well mixed.

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